Platinum 15 mins


Platinum 15 mins


Don’t forget to send your flash drive with the “ORDER NUMBER” to make sure we work

on your Video blog.

Select the quantity of videos you want for this Package!

Example: You visited Italy for 6 days! You might want two Video blogs that cover 3 days, or

you spent a few days in 3 different locations in Germany! You might want a video for every


You can always contact us for more questions!

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Finally, a place where we can handle all your footage and turn it into an amazing 10-

minute video with the best moments and scenes of your trip.

By buying any video package, you will have a one-on-one phone conversation to

help you have a better idea of which camera to get, and how to use it at no extra cost.

Things you need to know!


All shots of any camera including Drone, Dialog (if proper sound quality),

cinematographic look, transitions, sound tracks and effects, tittles.

This is what you need to do!

1 Send us your hard drive with all footage, ORGANIZED by City (you visited) and date (day

1, day 2, etc...)

Example: If you went to Spain for 6 days, create a folder with files labeled Barcelona

day 1, Barcelona day 2, Barcelona day 3, Madrid day 4, Madrid day 5, Valencia day 6,


2 Tell us the top 10 things you definitely want included in the video. We cannot

guarantee we will include everything, as it depends on how long those moments are, but

we will do our best!

Also, mention the things you do not want included.

3 Mail us your flash drive to 370 Ridelle Av, Postal Code M6B 4B4 Toronto On, Canada.

Once received, we will contact you. DO NOT forget your “ORDER NUMBER”.

Contact us if you still have additional questions, we will be happy to hear from you!

What are the right cameras to buy?

You have to know a few things. What kind of video would you like?

1) Essentially, you want to use only one camera to shoot everything, and yourself when

talking. You want it to be handy and light.

The right camera for you could be GOPRO 6 or 7. They’re light and can shoot up to 240

frames per seconds (very slow motion shots) when doing physical activities like surfing,

snowboarding, etc. In addition, you can attach the mic to the camera, for blogging and

talking while you walk around.

2) More advanced settings would be Sony series cameras such as A6000. This camera

has great image quality, but cannot go in the water. In this case, you would need 2

cameras, a A600 for blogging and a GOPRO for activities.

3) GOPRO is best for activities and blogging, and Sony A7 III for b roll. When traveling,

Sony helps you take great short shots to make cool transitions between different

scenarios. Accessories like gimbals can make your video more pro! Anything that can

help you with time lapse, ramping, etc.

Start packing and get ready to document your trip because life is full of greatness around

the world. Make sure you capture it!

Watch these travelers who came to us with only a Gopro.