David Cardozo is a young and experienced photographer. Born in Colombia 25 years ago, he arrived to Canada in November of 2008. David has always had a passion for the arts and photography, and immediately saw that there were more opportunities to become a professional photographer in Canada.


His professional journey began at "Uforchange", a reputable arts institution sponsored by the Government of Canada. Working hard and diligently over the course of several months as a student , his hard work and dedication caught the attention of institution management. David was offered the opportunity of joining them professionally as the organization official program photographer, and publisher, while earning his certification.


David's professional focus , dedication, and customer service proficiency, have attributed to the success he has enjoyed, working independently over the last four years.

These attributes along with the excellent interpersonal skills, a keen sense of humor, a professional attitud, and most important, quality results, have led him to enjoy a consistent and steady work flow, and an established repeat customer base, from which he receives many calls to work on other projects; that help him to grow professionally.


       For David, his living is his passion. He says: "Once you love your work, there is no excuse not to make it your full time work".


Front-row Management.